How branding fuels marketing success

What impact does your brand have on your overall marketing efforts?
April 22, 2024
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Why Businesses Should Prioritise Brand Image

Brand image is more than just your company’s aesthetics and logo. A company’s brand image encompasses all its customers, business partners, and the general public’s interactions with the company. It is a company’s reputation, the story they wish to tell its customers, and much more.

Most business owners associate a brand image with expensive marketing budgets and unnecessary activities that don’t add value. They are generally focused on improving their product and service offerings, thus, leaving branding as an afterthought.

In reality, building a positive brand should be a top priority for every business.

Brand Image Builds Credibility

One of the easiest ways to consider your brand image is your company’s reputation. Does your company support the community? Do your customers consistently have a positive experience? Can people trust your products or services?

It’s important to earn your customers’ trust and while you can write about all the great things you do as a business, it will often be met with resistance considering you are the author touting your own credibility.

Instead, what should be a priority is to deliver value that leaves a lasting impact on your customers and encourage those to give feedback and leave an honest review from their perspective working with you.

Not only will this build trust, but it is invaluable feedback to what your customers value from your offering. The more brand credibility you have from social proof, your products and services will appear valuable.

So in the consideration of building trust and credibility -your audience needs an agent to fix this perception to. Enter branding.

Investing in your company’s brand can act as an investment toward your business’s impact on the community. Establishing yourself as a credible brand will ensure your brand is first in mind when customers need your products or services.

Increase Brand Recognition

The more recognisable your brand is, the more customers will buy and trust your product or service. Think of how brands like Mcdonald’s or Kleenex have created brands so powerful that their brand names are synonymous with the types of products they sell.

McDonald’s has run campaigns that don’t even include a logo yet are instantly recognisable of which business is running the campaign. That’s the power of effective brand-building, cultivated over years!

Building a positive brand image will help your company stand out compared to your competitors. You can establish strong relationships with your customers and community by creating a recognisable brand image. The more recognisable your products are, the more impactful your products or services will be.

Create a Loyal Following

Creating a large and loyal following is a shining achievement for any brand. Think about any major sports team or popular band you enjoy. Their massive customer base frequently spends money on tickets, merchandise, and other products. Many of these organisations would cease to exist without a positive brand image guaranteeing trust and credibility.

Just like the rockstars of the world, your goal should be to create a brand image that garners a loyal following. Your customers not only become a guaranteed revenue stream, but they become your best marketing asset.

Your brand image should be focused on creating a customer experience that makes customers want to return and bring their friends. In doing so, it’s essential to never take your loyal customers for granted and always work hard to continue adding value to your brand.

Your Brand Image is an investment

Your brand image is your reputation to the world. A lousy brand reputation can spoil any marketing efforts and deter customers even if you have the best products or services on the market. Companies looking to grow their business and make an impact should regularly evaluate and invest in one of the strongest assets they have at their disposal – brand.

The potential of unlocking brand is vast and by putting the right steps in place you can really differentiate yourself from the competition, surging growth and creating a loyal following. At Pivitt we have spent years building a team passionate about brand and communications – we drive excellence through our partners and advise those who may have no idea where to start.

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