Professional Branding & Identity Services


What is it and why is it important?

What is Branding & Identity?

Branding & Identity involves creating a distinctive image and persona for your business. It's about more than just a logo; it's the creation of a comprehensive brand experience that reflects your values, mission, and vision.

Why is having a strong brand important?

A strong brand identity is crucial for distinguishing your business in the market, building customer trust, and driving brand recognition and loyalty. It's the essence of your company's character and a key factor in its success.

How we help businesses craft the perfect brand identity, to connect with their customers

Pivitt's approach to Branding & Identity focuses on deeply understanding your business ethos to create a brand image that truly resonates. We blend creativity with strategic insight, ensuring your brand not only stands out but also authentically represents your values and vision.

Our process involves collaborative brainstorming, innovative design, and cohesive narrative development, all tailored to give your brand a distinctive and memorable identity in the marketplace.


Brand Discovery and Analysis

This initial phase involves deep exploration into your business's core values, target audience, and market position. We gather insights to form a foundational understanding that guides the branding process.

Brand Strategy Development

Based on our discovery findings, we develop a comprehensive branding strategy. This includes defining your brand's unique selling points, personality, and positioning in the market, ensuring it aligns with your overall business objectives.

Visual Identity Creation

Here, we translate the brand strategy into tangible elements: logo design, color scheme, typography, and other visual assets. This phase is about crafting a cohesive and appealing visual representation of your brand.

Brand Implementation and Guidance

The final step is applying the new brand identity across all touchpoints. We provide guidelines on maintaining brand consistency and effectively communicating your brand's message through various channels and materials.


+100,000 assets for BMW

Producing over 100,000 assets for BMW in over 100+ campaigns.

+£2 million in revenue

our strategies generated over £2million in revenue for our financial services client.

+1100% in conversions

Our contract with Universal Music Group saw the business increase conversions by over 1100% with aLTV increase by 3x.

6x growth in social media following

Our content strategy, production and social media management saw our partners social media account grow from 20,000 to 120,000.

Duncan Balloch

"An exceptional partner in our journey for success! The team at Pivitt offer so much more than creative support and production, the ability to offer guidance and advice on bigger strategic objectives is exceptional. This is based on an ability to develop a deep understanding of their clients but also being aware of current trends and activity. Whilst I would recommend Pivitt to any organisation, I’d keep quiet when talking to my competitors to stop them getting the advantage!!"

Universal Music Group

Ben Coe

"Very strategic and insightful. Would recommend for anyone looking to grow their brand strategy. A**"

Rolls Royce

Rob Cartwright

"The team with Davuud offer excellent support across the whole marketing function, from creative concepts to strategy, so no matter what area of support you need, I’m sure Davuud and his team have you covered. Also is fab in dealing with both vague and specific briefs. A key as a client, is you don’t always know what you want. Davuud was excellent at working with us, diagnosing what we needed and delivering a great result. On top of his skill set, an all round great bloke."


Jess Payne

"I can’t recommend Davuud and his team enough! They always provide us with 10/10 social media assets and always with a super quick turnaround (Even when requests are last minute!) Thanks for all your help Davuud."